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Read Me First (Rules)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:14 pm
by Zak_Byrne
Welcome to the Hey Man Nice Shots Photography Forums.

Welcome to the critique and review section :D HDR, Photoshop project, new technique? Post a picture here and we will leave some feedback. If you only want praise you may want to find another place to post. If it is worthy of praise it will come, if not we will keep our critiques constructive. If you feel that a comment is not constructive please notify either myself and I will review the situation and handle it appropriately. There is a 10mb file size limit so keep attachments below that thresh hold. The only other thing we ask is that if you are going to leave a photography for critique, please leave a critique for someone else; without your participation this becomes a very one sided conversation and who knows, different people might see different things in a given image.

Please keep all comments and questions PG. We know you have to register as a member to post, but guests can still view questions so posts will be visible for all to see.

Once again welcome.